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Instructional Adjustments in response to Covid-19

We are adjusting our plans for Fall in response to Covid-19.  Our fundamental goals remain the same:

  • Keep faculty, staff, and students safe: minimize the possibility of disease transmission.
  • Provide the best possible learning environment for students

All PPCC Campuses will be open this fall, but instruction will be provided in an alternate format using a combination of online, remote synchronous, and face-to-face (f2f). 

All services will be provided both face-to-face and remotely. 

Faculty and instructors should be flexible with students who may have pandemic related challenges (child care, illness, etc.).  Approximately 60% of our students are primary caregivers for children, or others. 

Instructional Delivery Models

Facemasks, Shields, and Social Spacing

Masks are required on campus.  We recently learned that shields are also allowed, and may replace a mask.  The shield must go below the chin and wrap around the face.

Social spacing is generally required on campus.  The use of plexiglass shields and other appropriate adjustments may soften the 6 foot distancing expectation. 


 To ensure we continue to support our students with care and empathy and avoid confrontation and conflict, students are provided the opportunity to request an accommodation to be without a face mask/shield/covering while on campus.

  • This card will only be provided to students who are unable to wear any type of face covering (mask, shield) as a result of an ADA eligible diagnosed medical, psychological or physical disability AND

reasonable alternatives to course access is not offered or does not exist (ex., online or remote format for CTE courses).

  • Students requesting for an exemption to wear masks/face coverings are required to provide documentation to AS indicating a diagnosis specifying their need for this accommodation (how it impacts a major life activity).
  • If a student verbally shares that they do not have to wear a mask because of their disability, please politely ask if they have a verification card from AS. It does not go against any regulation to ask for the card. Just remember it is against regs to ask what their disability is.
  • Remember, students with accommodations have the discretion to use or disclose their disability or accommodations. They will not be required to show the verification card. However, AS will highly encourage our students to have it with them at all times.
  • The information on the card will include their S#. Please verify this with the student’s ID.
  • It will be specific to one semester at a time. You may refer a student back to AS to update their card if the semester indicated on the card has passed. But please continue to serve the student as your protocol/procedures direct.
  • If this is presented to you and you do not have the facility to conduct a face-to-face with appropriate distancing (safety procedures), please offer your remote services.

OCR has shared that we must not compromise the health and safety of other faculty and staff in regards to mask wearing. If that is the case then as long as we are providing an accommodation with equal access to content and services we are within our legal requirements to require online or alternate educational services for students who cannot wear a mask.

  • For Faculty and Instructors: You will receive an email Notification of Accommodations from an AS Disability Specialist informing you of this accommodation for your student. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please contact AS any time and let’s have a conversation. It will not be required for the student to present this card in their course classrooms.

Example Accommodation Card Below:

AS Card Banner.jpg

Additional Notes and Items to Consider

  • The college has acquired a license for Zoom, so faculty and instructors may utilize either WebEx or Zoom.
  • Office hours (including virtual) and guidelines for contacting the teacher, as well as other expectations, should be clear on the first day of class and detailed in the course syllabus.
  • Concurrent Enrollment in the high schools will follow the delivery model that is selected by the high school.
  • Concurrent Enrollment at the college (including Career Start) will follow the guidelines shared in this email. 
  • Computer Labs will be open for student use with appropriate social distancing in place.
  • Learning Commons and Computer Labs will have headsets with microphone options for students so they can participate on campus in synchronous remote sessions.

Classroom Cleaning Plans

Our custodial staff is performing a 360° disinfection of all classrooms, common areas, and restrooms twice daily. This cleaning is done with an electrostatic sprayer that completely disinfects all surfaces of the areas sprayed. Learn more: Click video link.


  • Classrooms:
    • All classroom spaces have been evaluated and set up for proper social distancing.
      • Chairs and tables have been set-up with 6’ of distance between them.
      • Plexiglass barriers have been set in place in classrooms that necessitate a physical barrier between students and instructors.
    • High touch point surfaces are still being wiped manually by staff daily.
    • Bottles of disinfectant and a roll of towels are being provided in every classroom for Faculty, Staff, and Students to use in between regular interval disinfecting.


  • Common Areas:
    • Common areas have been set up for proper social distancing maintaining 6’ of separation.
    • In some cases, signage has been posted to communicate personal responsibility to maintain proper 6’ distance. I.e., elevators, benches, etc…
    • Hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout our campuses to encourage proper hygiene.


  • Restrooms:
    • Restroom cleaning along with disinfection will be done twice daily.
    • Restrooms will also be monitored throughout the day for cleanliness.


  • Support Service Areas:
    • Support areas will also receive cleaning and disinfection twice daily.
    • For example, Accessibility, MVP, Student Services, Enrollment Services, Testing and Advising, etc.… 


You may be asking “what can I do to help”?  Well I’m glad you asked! 


  • Wiping down commonly used surfaces before and after classes will help maintain a sanitized space. As mentioned Facilities has provided towels and disinfect in every classroom for your convenience.
  • You will also see a door hanger on each classrooms door handle. This is to identify which rooms have been used that day.
    • Once the room has been occupied please turn the door hanger out to read. “Needs Service”.
    • Custodial staff will not be cleaning every classrooms after each class.
    • Facilites is asking that high touch surfaces be wiped down with the provided towels and cleaning bottle by the room occupants to prepare for the classes that may follow.
    • The door hanger will trigger our custodial staff to take extra care at the end of the day to completely clean and sanitize this classroom.
    • Rooms that do not indicate “needs service” will receive a disinfecting spray only. 


  • Each department has also been provided with disinfectant and towels for Faculty and Staff to wipe down their personal space or offices.


Any questions or concerns can be submitted through our work order system.


  • Thank you for your help “We are all in this together”.

Upcoming Trainings

Remote Instruction Resources for Faculty and Instructors

In D2L, the Remote Instruction and Course Design shell contains numerous resources and information guides available to you all semester. This D2L shell is found in your list of courses for fall 2020.


Other Resources

IT Service Desk (WebEx and Zoom support) 719-502-4800

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (teaching resources, hyflex, PDUs) email: LibGuide:

e-Learning  (D2L and captioning)   blog:   719-502-3555   email:

High Impact Practices  email: LibGuide:


For anything specific to your discipline, contact Academic Divisions:

Business and Public Services (BPS) 719-502-3300 email:

Communication, Humanities, and Technical Studies (CHTS) 719-502-3200

Math and English (ME) 719-502-3600

Medical Services (MS) 719-502-3700

Natural and Physical Sciences (NPS) 719-502-3400