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Focus 2 Career

Get started NOW by taking the Focus 2 Career Assessment. Access code: aardvarks . Discover your skills, interests, values, aptitudes, and abilities to make the best career decision for you.

To take the Focus 2 Assessment:

  • Follow the link here
  • Select 'Register'
  • Enter access code: aardvarks
  • Enter email, information, and create password
  • Take assessments
  • Set up follow up appointment to discuss results with Career Advisor here


Career Assessment

My Colorado Journey is a free online career resource available to all students and community members. It includes free skills, values and interest assessments, occupational and salary information, resources to locate degree and certificate programs by college, occupational videos, and additional resources such as a resume builder.

Use our College in Colorado guide to explore careers and majors. To get started simply register for your free account or  if you already have an account.

Match Majors to Occupations

You may want to know how to make the connection between your field of study and specific occupations. In these resources, options for each of the majors listed are designed to get you started thinking about occupations related to a particular field of study. Remember that these options are certainly not all of the occupations you might consider. You are encouraged to research these and other options further by dropping in for career advising.

Individual Assistance

Meet with a Career Advisor to discuss your College in Colorado results or just to talk about possible majors and occupations. Together we will discuss tools that will be most effective for your needs. We may recommend additional assessments/assignments or suggest you attend one of our workshops.

Career advising is provided via appointment. Please call us at 719-502-2360 or email us at to set-up an appointment.