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EMS Careers

EMS is an exciting field that offers a dynamic environment with challenging situations for people who have a calling for public service. EMS providers operate in a variety of positions in the healthcare field. They can be found working on ambulances or fire apparatus in 911 systems, volunteer agencies, disaster medical assistance teams, emergency rooms, hospitals and other aspects of allied health.

What's it like to Work in Emergency Medical Services?

Critical thinking and active listening are a essential skills in the field of EMS. Typical work actives include assisting and caring for others, providing medical attention and sometimes emotional support. In the field of EMS many people work with a team. EMS is a challenging and rewarding field.

Earnings Outlook

EMS graduates* earn on average $31,700 per year.

In Colorado, the median hourly salary in 2015 EMS was $15.24 with a faster than average growth at 24%.

Source: ONET Online and Bureau of Labor Statistics

*The salary range includes EMT and Paramedic wages.

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