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Students who are receiving a financial aid refund (getting more in financial aid than they owe the school for tuition and fees, therefore resulting in a refund) are eligible to purchase required books and supplies, two weeks in advance of the start of the semester, at the PPCC Bookstore and charge them to their financial aid refund.

Bookstore Purchases

  • Must have accepted your Terms and Conditions of financial aid in your PPCC Portal

  • Must have enough financial aid awarded on your account to cover all tuition/fees and potential bookstore charges

  • Must have COF authorized and applied 

  • Must be meeting all financial aid eligibility requirements

  • $700 a day limit

  • May purchase no more than two (2) electronic devices per aid year (one laptop and/or one tablet)

Apply for Financial Aid

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form to apply for financial aid for college or grad school.

Complete your FAFSA