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Only first time student loan borrowers need to complete loan counseling

Students must attempt the D2L online Loan Counseling first. Only if you are unsuccessful in that endeavor will you take the virtual session.


Entrance Counseling Session Dates

Please contact Dianne Chan at or 719-502-2299 to inform her of the day and time you will attend.

Spring 2021 virtual loan counseling sessions

May 3                                    10AM -12PM

May 4                                    12PM-2PM

May 17                                  1PM-3PM

May 18                                  11AM-1PM

June 7                                   11AM-1PM

June 14                                 10AM-12PM

June 21                                 11AM-1PM

July 8                                     2PM-4PM

July 12                                10AM-12PM

July 19                                 11AM-1PM

July 26th                 session is cancelled

July 27                              10AM-12PM

August 2                             11AM-1PM

August 9                            10AM-12PM