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Testing Center Online PaymentATI Teas Exam with Proctorio

Student Check List

How does it work?  The Testing Center at PPCC is happy to announce that ATI has partnered with Proctorio to deliver the TEAS exam. Proctorio is a remote monitoring platform that uses artificial intelligence and facial detection to monitor the testing session via a webcam, microphone and screen share. Before you make a TEAS appointment, check the ATI’s requirements to ensure a successful testing session.

To Get Started with TEAS via Proctorio

1. Check your technical requirements:

  • Desktop or laptop computer with the ability to download Google Chrome (NO iPads, tablets, or phones can be used)
  • Microphone: any microphone, either internal or external
  • Webcam: 320x240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external
  •  The internet speed required is 0.092 – 0.244 Mbps. You can test your internet speed using For a detail list of technical requirements visit:
  • Ensure you are using a fully charged laptop or desktop computer
  • Install Google Chrome on your device - you will not be able to take the proctored assessment with any other browser
  • Find a well-lit space and be ready for a room scan prior to beginning your exam​​​​​​


2. Create an ATI student account


3. Make a TEAS test appointment 

  • Go to to schedule your TEAS exam using your PPCC S#
  • Select "Testing - Remote Testing"
  • If this is your first time taking the TEAS select "Remote Proctored TEAS 1st Take"
  • If you are retesting select "Remote Proctored TEAS 2nd Take"


4. Before your appointment pay the $25 PPCC proctor fee. Must be paid at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. If payment is not received at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, the Testing Center may cancel your TEAS appointment.

  • To pay you can: 
  • Pay online through the Testing Center Online Payment webpage  
  • Pay over the phone by calling 719-502-2444. Once payment is processed, the Cashier office will email the Testing Center a copy of your receipt.
  • Go to the Cashier office at Centennial or Rampart Range Campus during business hours.

Cashier Hours at Centennial Campus

**Effective November 16th, 2020 - Cashier is available with limited availability at these campuses and hours (subject to change):

Centennial Cashier Limited Hours:

Monday & Wednesday:  8am -  12pm 

Tuesday & Thursday: 1pm - 5pm

Friday: 9am - 1pm

Rampart Cashier Limited Hours:

Tuesday: 8am -  12pm

Thursday: 1pm - 5pm

Downtown Cashier: 


  • You can also pay over the phone by calling 719-502-2444. Once payment is processed, the Cashier office will email the Testing Center a copy of your receipt.


5. Appointment Confirmation

  • After the Testing Center receives a copy of your receipt, a Testing Specialist will contact you to confirm the appointment and to give you the TEAS assessment code. You will need this code to access the TEAS exam on your exam appointment day. The confirmation email will include:
    • ATI Student Quick Start Guide
    • ATI TEAS Exam with Proctorio FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips
    • How to Pay for TEAS Assessment
  • You must review this information before your TEAS appointment


6. At your appointment time

  • On the day of your TEAS appointment, follow the instructions on the ATI Student Quick Start Guide
  • Have a school or government-issued ID card available
  • You will be allowed one piece of blank paper to be used during assessment. You will be asked to destroy the paper upon completion of the exam
  • Start your exam on time. A PPCC proctor will be monitoring the ATI portal to approve your exam request
  • When prompted, entered the TEAS assessment code provided by the proctor in your confirmation email
  • Proceed to pay for the TEAS exam
    • You will need to pay the $65 test fee and the $5 Proctorio fee at this time
  • Continue with the instructions provided on the ATI Student Quick Start Guide to start Proctorio
  • Your entire exam session will be recorded and reviewed by ATI to ensure test integrity
  • Once Proctorio starts recording your exam session you will not have communication with the proctor. If you have questions prior to your appointment, you can email your proctor at include in your email the date and time of your appointment and your questions/concerns.
  • If you experience issues when installing the Proctorio Chrome extension, please contact ATI Support at 1.800.667.7531. If you experience technical issues during your assessment, contact Proctorio directly via the chat option in the Quiz Tools window. 


7. After you are done with the exam

  • Download your score report. The report should look like the picture on the right. If you are unable to download it, send an email requesting one to


Additional helpful tips:

Pearson Vue

Pearson Vue exams are proctored by Testing Center staff at the Centennial Campus. Pearson Vue delivers certification and licensure tests through the world's largest network of test centers in 175 countries across the world.

  • They offer a multitude of Test Taker Services.
  • Not all test sites offer all of the Pearson Vue tests. Once you choose your desired exam Pearson Vue will let you know what location is closest to you that can administer that particular exam.
  • All payments are due during registration- nothing is due on your day of testing.
  • Pearson Vue offers the GED and Microsoft Certification Exams.

Professional Licensure and Certification Testing

Our Nationally Certified Testing Center offers testing services for community members and employers seeking to become Professionally licensed or certified in any number of certifications. Please click on the links below to see all of the certification offerings (there are hundreds) offered by these companies.

Procedures for Certification testing:

  • Contact the certification company on their respective websites to schedule to take the certification and pay for the certification test.
  • In most cases the certification company will contact the PPCC Testing Center to schedule your appointment.
  • In many cases the proctoring fee is paid thru the certification company to our testing center. However, if you are required to pay for the proctoring fee, you must obtain an invoice from the testing center, then you can pay this to the PPCC cashier, and then bring your receipt to the Testing Center on the day of testing.
  • Generally, there is a proctoring fee of $25.00 per test for up to two hours. If the test is longer than two hours, then it is $10 per each additional hour.
  • Test takers must have a valid government -issued photo ID (Drivers license, military ID, State ID).
  • The testing center will adhere to all of the testing requirements from the Certification Company.

Testing Center Mission Statement

The Testing Center is committed to providing exceptional, accessible, and comprehensive testing services for Pikes Peak Community College and the surrounding community. All tests are administered under standardized conditions that are efficient, fair, and secure. We maintain and adhere to all standards set forth in the National College Testing Association’s Professional Standards & Guidelines.