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Transfer To PPCC

Transferring Classes from a Previous College or University for Credit

Get credit for what you have done at other institutions. PPCC is happy to accept credit from other accredited institutions of higher education.

Use any method below to get an official transcript from your previous college sent to us for review.

  1. (Preferred Method) Please have your previous colleges and institutes of higher education email your official electronic transcript to:
  2. Order your official transcript from your previous colleges and institutes of higher education, and request the transcript be mailed to:

    Pikes Peak Community College
    Records, Campus Box C-8
    5675 South Academy Boulevard
    Colorado Springs, CO 80906-5498
  3. Or, bring your official transcript to Enrollment Services for review.
    Official Transcripts must be sealed. If opened, your transcripts are no longer considered official.

Receive a Verification for Course Pre-Requisites

Depending on the time of year, transcript evaluation time can vary. If you are waiting for your official transcript, you can bring in your unofficial transcript(s) to the Advising & Testing Office. Academic advisors will compare them to the TES Database to see if PPCC has an equivalent on file, possibly placing exemptions for math, English, etc. If there is not an equivalent on file, they may refer you to faculty for further assistance.

Do you have previous life or career experience? Consider getting credit for your experience with Prior Learning for Credit.

Credit for Experience